What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a form of hair removal that removes hair from the root, causing to grow in finer, lighter and slower. It is done with an organic sugar paste made of only 3 ingredients- sugar, lemon, and water. Your esthetician will use a ball of sugar paste and adhere it to the hair, and quickly pull it off in the direction to remove it.

Sugaring at Skintuition

All of our ‘Sugarists’ are experienced licensed Estheticians! Not only are they skilled in sugaring, they are also very experienced in waxing. So, we will be able to help you choose your best option for hair removal. Our facilities are clean, modern, and soothing. Your sugaring appointment will take place in a private room with a friendly and experienced Sugarist!

Before you Sugar

Before your sugaring appointment, you will have to grow your hair out to at least 1/4” long. If you have been shaving, stop for at least 2 weeks. If you have been waxing, you can set up your first sugar appointment 3-4 weeks after your last wax appointment. Avoid applying lotions and oils to the area the day of your appointment.

Steps of the Sugaring Process

Your Sugarist will have you change for your appointment in your private room, and give you a drape sheet for comfort. Next, she will apply powder to the area to be sugared. She will then use a ball of sugar paste and mold it to the area against the direction of hair growth, and then quickly pull it off in the direction of hair growth removing the unwanted hair with it. Any residue left over from the sugaring will be simply wiped away with water!

After your Sugar

Your hair follicles will be open for up to 24 hours after sugaring and during this time, you will want to avoid hot tubs, swimming pools, and rigorous exercise to minimize sweating and skin irritation. Your skin may also be a little more sensitive this day. If your skin feels extremely irritated or is painful to the touch after the first day, be sure to give us a call and let us know so that we will be able to assist you.

Sugaring vs. Waxing

Since both methods ultimately do the same thing- remove hair from the root- why would I choose one or the other? It really would just be a personal preference, but here are some pros and cons for both services:

Sugaring Pro’s-

The sugaring paste is made entirely of sugar, water & lemon so this simple formulation minimizes the chance of any allergic reaction, making this a great option for sensitive skin. It is so natural that it is even entirely edible!

Sugaring is done at room temperature, and the ball of sugar only heats up to as warm as your skin temperture.

It cleans up with just water, again minimizing any risk of irritation from post waxing oils.

Waxing Pro’s

Much faster on larger body parts. Full legs, backs, and arms can be done with our speed waxing technique is a fraction of the time that it would take to do these areas with sugar.

If the hair growth is very long or dense, we would definitely recommend to wax instead of sugaring. It will be much less painful for the first appointment, and if you decide you would like to switch to sugar, you can do that for your maintenance appointments every 4 weeks.

Waxing tends to remove coarse and finer hair in one pull, for most cases, where sugaring may have to be repeated a few times in the area to get all the fine hairs. Sometimes, even with several attempts, finer hair isn’t always removed with sugar.

Sugaring Price List