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Express Facials

When you are short on time, but still want results, our Express Facials are the perfect solution. These treatments pack the most effective parts of our professional facials into just 30 minutes.

Express Dermaplaning

A professional Dermaplaning tool is used to manually remove dead & dry skin cells, along with vellus hair, leaving your skin the smoothest it will ever feel! Includes a cleanse & prep treatment, full face Dermaplaning, treatment mask, neck & shoulder massage, and replenishing moisturizer.

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Express Extractions

This treatment focuses on manually removing clogged pores & blackheads, to help clear up active breakouts, and prevent future acne. Includes degreasing cleanse & prep treatment, manual removal of clogged pores & blackheads, treatment mask with cold rolling to minimize inflammation, and a balancing moisturizer. Perfect for teens!

Express Enzyme

Our express enzyme treatment uses a professional strength fruit enzyme to gently dissolve away the ‘glue’ that bonds your dead skin cells to your living skin cells. This is a more gentle alternative to a chemical peel, and can be suited for very sensitive skin types, as well as pregnant or nursing mothers. Includes cleansing, fruit enzyme tailored to your skin type, a custom treatment mask, shoulder & neck massage, antioxidant booster serum, and hydrating moisturizer.

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