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Custom Airbrush tanning at Skintuition is our passion! There is nothing quite like a Custom Airbrush tan to make you look and feel your best. Allow us to help create the perfect sunless tan for you. Our skilled airbrush tanning technicians will walk you through the sunless tanning process, and select the perfect custom color for your skin tone. Never orange and streaky, you can trust us with your sunless tan. Our solutions contain Organic ingredients with Eco-Cert DHA so you can be confident that we offer the finest and most natural airbrush tan possible. We have invested in the most professional Airbrush Tanning equipment available. Our deluxe Airbrush Tanning rooms have overspray booths, NOT pop-up tanning tents. Our overspray booths are designed to remove the overspray, so you are not standing in a cloud of tanning solution.  We also provide nose filters, dust masks, and eye protection, so you DO NOT have to worry about inhaling the solution. We have a variety of solutions to choose from, starting at the lightest sun-kissed glow, to a deep-dark-off-the-beach tan that will make heads turn at your next event or vacation! You can be sure that we have a solution for you. Or, we can custom blend our amazing solutions to work with your skin tone perfectly. Call us to achieve your perfect sunless tan!


Before you tan

Shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin the day of your appointment, or one day before. We recommend using an exfoliating mitt with a foaming body cleanser. Do not use an oil-based sugar/salt scrub or a creamy body wash because they can leave a residue on your skin that may prevent the airbrush tanning solution from being absorbed evenly. We prefer if you do not apply any body lotion before your Airbrush tanning appointment. If your skin is extremely dry, you can apply a very light moisturizer one hour or more before your appointment.

If you are planning on waxing, it is ideal to do that one day or more before your appointment. You do not want to wax after your airbrush tan because the wax will remove your tan. We can do waxing right before your airbrush tanning appointment if you are unable to do it the day before. Smaller areas such as eyebrow, upper lip, and bikini don’t really make much of a difference. Larger areas such as legs and arms would be best to do one day before, if possible.

While you are getting your airbrush tan, you can wear whatever you are comfortable with. Most women choose to wear panties, bra and panties, or a swimsuit. Attire for men is underwear, boxers, or swim shorts. The solutions that we use do have an instant bronzer that can rub off on clothing. Although it will wash out of most fabrics, it is best to wear dark undergarments. You should wear loose fitting, darker clothing when you leave your appointment. The best thing to wear is loose sweatpants, a loose cotton top, and flip flops. Do not wear silk or wool clothes because it may stain these fabrics. If it is raining the day of your appointment, make sure you are covered up! You should definitely wear long sleeves, long pants, a hoodie and bring an umbrella!


During the Airbrush Tanning process

Your Airbrush tanning technician will help you make a determination on which solution you should use based on how light or dark you would like to be. We have so many options, and can help you pick one perfect for your skin tone. We see all types of skin colors and skin types, so you can trust that we will have the perfect option for you.

We will ask you to apply our barrier cream to all dry skin areas such as the hands, elbows, knees, and feet, and we will give you a dust mask or nose filters.

Your Airbrush Tanning technician will then begin applying the solution with our airbrush tanning equipment. The spray process will take about 5-10 minutes.

You will then stand in front of a fan for 3-5 minutes so that you can dry off. You will probably feel a little sticky for an hour or so after your appointment, but you are free to get dressed after you are done drying.


After your tan

Leave the solution on your skin for about 8 hours. We also offer an 'Express' Solution, so that you can shower 1-4 hours after your appointment.  Even after you shower, your sunless tan will continue to develop for 24 hours. 

While your Airbrush Tan is developing, you will notice a slight sunless tanning odor. Every sunless tanning product on earth will produce this odor. There is no way to avoid this because what you smell is the reaction that is occurring on the superficial dead skin layer, causing it to darken. Once you shower, it will be very faint, and after 24 hours it will go away completely when your Airbrush Tan finishes developing. 

After you shower, pat dry with your towel and moisturize your skin every day. If you keep your skin hydrated, your Airbrush Tan will fade better, and evenly. We recommend using our Tan Extender Lotion to keep your Airbrush Tan looking fresh, and to extend the life of it. Using tan extender lotion can make your airbrush tan last twice as long! If you do not use the extender lotion, you should use a very moisturizing body lotion, and your tan will last about 7 days.

Certain activities can shorten the life of your Airbrush Tan. If you are going to spend a lot of time in water, your tan will fade faster. Exercise and sweating can also cause it to fade faster. If you are going on vacation, and want it to last through lots of pool and ocean time, you will definitely want to buy the Tan Extender Lotion.

If you want to maintain your tan indefinitey , you can come in every 10-14 days.

 Its best to exfoliate off the old tan before doing it again, so make sure that you scrub off as much as you can.


Is Airbrush Tanning Safe?

 According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most safe and effective tanning products available are sunless products that contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient. DHA has been used in cosmetic preparations for almost 30 years and was listed with the FDA in 1973. It is declared safe and suitable for use in cosmetics and drugs used to color the skin. Recently, there have been some concerns in the media about the use of DHA for airbrush tanning, and whether or not it is potentially harmful to your health. At Skintuition, we are committed to your health, so we want to clear up any confusion you may have with airbrush tanning safety. 

*The most important thing to remember is that, when used according to FDA guidelines, DHA is perfectly safe.* DHA has been FDA approved for years for external application. What has recently come into question is what happens if the product gets into your mucous membranes, is inhaled or ingested? Here is what the FDA says about that;

The FDA advises asking the following questions when considering commercial facilities where DHA is applied by spraying or misting:

• Are consumers protected from exposure on the lips and all parts of the body covered by mucous membrane?

• Are consumers protected from internal exposure caused by inhaling or ingesting the product? 

We always have the proper protection available to our Airbrush Tanning clients. We will offer every client the following options; 

• Goggles or Wink-Ease upon request to keep the product out of the eye area.

• Lip balm upon request to use as a barrier on the lips to keep the product out of the mouth.

• Nose filters or dust masks to keep from inhaling the solution.  Remember, the FDA hasn't issued any statements to say that DHA is dangerous when it is ingested. But, we can take these precautions to make sure that you have a safe airbrush tanning experience.


Can I Airbrush Tan if I am pregnant?

The concern some doctors have is whether or not the active ingredient (DHA) is able to enter the blood stream; the indications are that it cannot. DHA only penetrates the outermost layer (epidermis) of the skin. However, if the client is still concerned they should consult their physician first. As an extra precaution, we offer dust masks, nose filters, and eye protection to all clients, so that way they can be sure that they don’t ingest any of the product. We see lots of pregnant ladies for Airbrush Tanning, and we love to make them feel beautiful!


NOTE: An airbrush tan, like any self-tanning product will not protect your skin from burning in the natural sun or in a UV tanning bed. Please take proper precautions when exposed to UV light.
Maintaining your color is possible with subsequent visits every five to ten days. Healthy, hydrated skin will hold results longer and achieve results faster.
The initial bronzers in the airbrush tanning solution may transfer to clothing or fabric. The bronzers are water-soluble and will wash out of most fabrics.
All of the components of the airbrush tanning solution have been safely used in cosmetics and nutritional products for decades and have been proven for safe for the skin. If a client has had adverse effects utilizing self-tanning products or moisturizers in the past, they may experience similar effects with the airbrush system, please discuss this with the technician before proceeding.
We will provide a  dust mask to wear during the session. When we do the facial spraying, we will remove the dust mask, and instruct clients to hold their breath for a few seconds. The solution is not considered harmful in the minimal amounts that may be inhaled in a normal spray tanning session. However, if a client has a history of asthma or other respiratory or medical conditions that could be aggravated by the use of the airbrush system, please consult a physician before proceeding. We also ask that clients inform their tanning technician of any past allergic reaction to DHA products or other medical concerns.

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