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Skintuition Client Spotlight

Meet Tessa!

What led you to choose our spa for your skincare needs?

I chose Skintuition because a friend of mine is a client, and she encouraged me to start Hydrafacial's before my wedding back in 2021! I’ve been getting them with Hope ever since!

What skincare concerns or goals did you have when you first visited our spa, and which of our treatments have helped you achieve them?

I was looking for a deeper clean out for my skin, overall brightening, and the lymphatic drainage! I love seeing the results after my Hydrafacial with lymphatic drainage, I’m always glowing and my puffiness is reduced!

What do you appreciate most about the experience and atmosphere at our spa?

I love how friendly and welcoming everyone is, I truly feel like family when I’m visiting! All of the essential oils and Voluspa candles are such a perk, too! It always smells amazing!

What service do you want to try that you haven’t done yet?

I would love to try dermaplaning, I haven’t tried it yet and I have heard great things about it from Hope!

Which of our skincare products have become your personal favorites, and how have they made a difference in your daily routine?

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