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Airbrush Tanning FAQ


How long does an airbrush tan last?

  • Depending on your activities, an airbrush tan lasts about 5-7 days. However, using our tan extender lotion daily can make your airbrush tan last twice as long! If you do not use the tan extender lotion, you should use a very moisturizing body lotion daily to keep your skin hydrated to help it face nicely. We recommend starting to lightly exfoliate at the end of your tan to help remove it and prevent uneven fading.

How do I prepare for my airbrush tan? 

  • Shower, shave, and exfoliate your skin the day of your appointment, or one day before. We recommend using an exfoliating mitt with a foaming body cleanser.

  • Do not use an oil-based sugar/salt scrub or a creamy body wash because they can leave a residue on your skin that may prevent the airbrush tanning solution from being absorbed evenly.

  • We prefer if you do not apply any body lotion before your Airbrush tanning appointment. However, If your skin is extremely dry, you can apply a very light moisturizer one hour or more before your appointment.

  • If you are planning on waxing, it is ideal to do that one day or more before your appointment. You do not want to wax after your airbrush tan because the wax will remove your tan. 

What do I wear during my airbrush tanning session?

  • While you are getting your airbrush tan, you can wear whatever you are comfortable with. Most women choose to wear panties, bra & panties, or a swimsuit. Attire for men is underwear, boxers, or swim shorts. The solutions that we use do have an instant bronzer that can rub off on clothing. Although it will wash out of most fabrics, it is best to wear dark garments. 

What do I wear after my airbrush tan session? 

  • You should wear loose fitting, darker clothing when you leave your appointment. The best thing to wear is loose sweatpants, a loose cotton top, and flip flops. Do not wear silk or wool clothes because it may stain these fabrics. If it is raining or snowing the day of your appointment, make sure you are covered up! You should definitely wear long sleeves, long pants, a hoodie, closed toe shoes and bring an umbrella!

Will I be orange? 

  • No! We offer many different solutions to give you the color you are looking for, whether it is just a light sun kissed glow, or a deep tan, we have the right color for you. Orange tans happen when the solution chosen is too dark for the natural skin tone. We will guide you on what solution to pick to ensure that you have a natural result.

Is airbrush tanning safe? 

  • The airbrush tanning solution that we use is made from only organic & naturally derived ingredients. It is Paraben & Erythrulose free and uses naturally derived DHA. DHA has been used in cosmetic preparations for over 30 years and was listed with the FDA in 1973, when It is declared safe and suitable for use in cosmetics used to color the skin. 

  • We give our clients a mask to wear during their airbrush tanning session to minimize inhaling the solution, and have them take it off & hold their breath for a couple of seconds while we spray your face. 

Can I get an airbrush tan if I am pregnant?

  • We always recommend asking your physician before booking an appointment with us to confirm what they think is appropriate for you. But, we are able to modify most of our services to be able to accommodate pregnant women.

How long before my event should I do my airbrush tan?

  • We recommend doing your airbrush tan 1-2 days prior to your event.

Can I go in the water if I have an airbrush tan? 

  • While the solution is still on your skin & developing- no. However, once you have showered the airbrush tanning solution off, you are free to go in the water. 

Does I still need to wear SPF?

  • An airbrush tan does not provide any sun protection. You will still need to wear SPF even when you have an airbrush tan. 

Will an airbrush tan ruin my mani/pedi?

  • No. After we tan you, we will take a baby wipe and wipe the solution off of your nails. 

How often can I get an airbrush tan?

  • You can get an airbrush tan about every 7-10 days. We recommend that you exfoliate and remove all of the old tan before you get it done again.

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