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Men's Waxing


Men's Back Wax $62

Includes waxing the entire back area, starting at the top of the rear end, And extending up to the base of the neck.


Men's Brow Wax $24

Men's brow wax, trim & tweeze

Men's Back of Neck Wax $18

Includes waxing of the back of the neck, to shape the hairline and will extend to the base of the neck.

Men's Ear Wax $22

Includes waxing the visible hair on the outer ear area.

Men's Nostril Wax $14

This procedure uses hard wax to carefully remove the hair that is visible on the rim of the nostrils.

Men's Hand Wax $18

Includes the entire hand area, starting at wrist. Also includes knuckles.

Men's Abdomen Wax $34

Includes the entire abdomen area, beginning below rib cage, and extending down to hip bones.

Men's Upper Chest Wax $34

Includes the entire upper, chest, starting at the base of rib cage, and extending up to the collar bone.

Men's Underarm Wax $26

Includes waxing for both underarms.

Men's Full Leg Wax $96

Includes waxing the entire way around both legs, from top of thigh to ankles.

Men's Upper Leg Wax $64

Includes waxing of the entire upper legs, front and back. 

Men's Lower Legs Wax $54

Includes waxing of the entire lower legs, the whole way around.

Men's Full Arms Wax $64

Includes the entire arm area. Starting at the shoulders and going all the way down to the wrists.

Men's Half Arm Wax $48

Includes the entire lower arm area, from elbow down. 

Men's Feet & Toes Wax $18

Includes top of feet and toes.

Men's Waxing Bundles

Some of our most popular waxing services bundled together at a discount.

Men's Brows + Nostrils + Ears


Men's Full Back + Chest + Abdomen


Men's Full Chest + Abdomen


Men's Full Back + Upper Arms


Men's Full Back + Full Arms


Men's Full Back + Full Chest + Abdomen + Full Arms


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