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Skintuition Client Spotlight

Meet Rebecca!

What led you to choose our spa for your skincare needs?

I happen to be looking around while I was feeling really defeated with how my skin was. I was always a skincare girly, but I feel like I was missing some extra care and attention. I looked up Skintuition, and I have not looked back since! It is the main place I go to for the best skincare services.

What skincare concerns or goals did you have when you first visited our spa, and which of our treatments have helped you achieve them?

My main concern was for preventative reasons on top of helping with large pores, some acne, and maintaining a healthy skin barrier. I want to age gracefully for sure! When I come in, I always feel like a Hydrafacial is one of the best treatments I can get, and I know that has made such a difference since I have been coming here.

What do you appreciate most about the experience and atmosphere at our spa?

That is hard to narrow down because I truly appreciate so much at the spa. I really think the staff is what makes it that much better. Every time I go in there, they are always so accommodating and kind. If I ever have a question or anything, they are more than willing to help me out anyway they can. It’s truly a wonderful atmosphere (and it’s clean and aesthetically appealing)!!

What service do you want to try that you haven’t done yet?

Facials/Hydrafacials are my tried and true, but I definitely want to try a spray tan soon. I see all the amazing reviews about them online and through the posts on social media, so that’s on my list.

Which of our skincare products have become your personal favorites, and how have they made a difference in your daily routine?

I am someone that is open to trying other brands and products, but I do like to have the IMAGE Skincare Vital-C Serum and their Daily Prevention Sunscreen in my cabinet. I really like the feel of their Vitamin C Serum, and I feel that is has helped my skin not be as dry since it’s very hydrating and helped with brightening it as well.

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