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Skintuition Client Spotlight

Meet Cianna!

What led you to choose our spa for your skincare needs?

I had a friend who went to Skintuition previously and was raving about what a pleasant experience it was. I had been struggling with my skin for a while and thought that seeing a professional couldn’t hurt!

What skincare concerns or goals did you have when you first visited our spa, and which of our treatments have helped you achieve them?

I had clear skin up until I was 25 and then I started getting regular acne breakouts, so my main goal was clearing my skin. At first, I was just booking Classic Facials, which were great but I felt like I was looking for more improvement so I started doing the Hydrafacial which felt like a game changer for me. I have never felt like my skin was brighter and more hydrated. Recently, I have switched over to the Hydrafacial Deluxe, and I feel like my skin is consistently improving. I have broken out less and I am starting to see improvements with scarring!

What do you appreciate most about the experience and atmosphere at our spa?

I appreciate so many things about my experience at Skintuition. For starters, everyone is so kind and welcoming. That environment is comforting for me because I deal with a lot of insecurity about my acne. I have never felt judged by any of the women who work there. I also really love how the estheticians take time to build personal relationships with you. I am really comfortable with Jessica, which has helped me open up more about my skin concerns and routine. With that she has been able to make suggestions that I have never considered and offer advice that has helped me achieve my skin goals. Lastly, I like that the team there recommends products that they think will help, but there is never any pressure to buy anything.

What service do you want to try that you haven’t done yet?

Skin treatment wise I don’t know what is left but I have always been intrigued by spray tans. I always feel more confident when I am tan which is hard to achieve when you live in Michigan! I think that is something I might give a try one day soon.

Which of our skincare products have become your personal favorites, and how have they made a difference in your daily routine?

I have two products that I have bought at Skintuition that I have grown to love. One is the IMAGE Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant Serum, which I feel has made (to me at least) my skin seem more even and hydrated. The second one is the IMAGE Prevention+ Daily Matte SPF, which is one of the only SPFs I have used that didn’t make me feel greasy and didn’t break me out. Most recently, I purchased the Skinbetter AlphaRet Clearing Serum, which I am really excited about to help clear the rest of my breakouts!

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