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What is a Lash Lift?

During the Lash Lift process, your lashes are adhered directly onto a silicone shield carefully & gently with a water-soluble glue. Then, we carefully apply a series of different solutions and allow processing time to achieve the lifting effect. Last, a nourishing conditioner is applied to keep the lashes lustrous and gorgeous. The whole process takes about 45 minutes. After the treatment, you can wear mascara and eye makeup. Your lashes are safe, healthy and beautifully curled for 6-10 weeks (depending on your home regimen and hair growth.)

Who is a good candidate for this service?

If you have healthy lashes, and you are happy with the length and thickness of your lashes, you are the best candidate for this. This will make your eyes look more open and pretty without the daily use of the potentially damaging crimper-style eyelash curler. If you have short or very sparse lashes, you will not get as dramatic of an effect. If this describes your lashes, please come in and purchase Grande Lash MD ($65) from our retail area and use for 8-12 weeks to grow your lashes, then get your Lash Lift procedure for maximum effect!

What is the aftercare?

Aftercare is extremely simple, and low maintenance. For 24 hours after your Lash Lift procedure, Please keep your lashes dry and away from steam and oil. Do NOT use a lash curler after this service. It is not necessary, and may cause an unusual curl to your lashes. You can wear eye makeup and mascara as normal 24 hours after your Lash Lift procedure.

NOTE: Although every precaution will be made to ensure your safety and well-being before, during and after your lash lifting and/or lash tinting application, please be aware of the possible risks:
Lash tinting and lash lifting has some inherent risk of irritation to the orbital eye area, including the eye itself, and could result in stinging or burning, blurry vision, swollen eyes, and potentially blindness should the solutions or tints enter into the eye.
If the solutions or tints used accidentally come into contact with the client's eye, it will be flushed with water, and medical attention may be required.
Some irritation, itching or burning may occur to the skin which comes in contact with the solutions or tinting agents.
While every attempt will be made to provide the client with their chosen color, everyone's hair absorbs color differently and the final results may not be the color that was initially desired.
Over the course of several weeks, the tint will gradually lighten and fade. Re-tinting will be required to keep the new color fresh. Most clients need to re-tint every 3-4 weeks.

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