Skintuition would love the opportunity to pamper, nourish, and improve your skin with some of the best skin care  products available on the market today. We have designed our treatment menu to offer something for everyone. We know that this menu can be overwhelming for you if you aren’t familiar with skin care treatments! So, a great starting point would be to simply book our Signature Facial, and we can change it to another facial, if necessary, once we see your skin type and discuss your goals.  We can then make recommendations for the proper treatments for your skin. We book our facial appointments to allow enough time to discuss your treatment options, and explain your home care routine to maintain and optimize your treatment results.

Image Skin Care Treatments

We are so proud to offer an amazing and comprehensive line of peels and home care from Image Skincare. Image Skincare products are developed and formulated by internationally recognized chemists working together with a board of physicians. All Image Skincare product and peels are manufactured in the USA and are unparalleled in their quality in today's marketplace. Their philosophy is to use superior ingredients to achieve outstanding results.

 Image Skincare is dedicated to offering safe products without the use of chemical preservatives like parabens. Clinical studies suggest that the use of parabens as preservatives in cosmetic products have potential health risks. Image Skincare is one of the first skincare companies to remove parabens from its product line beginning in early 2007.

 All of the lines of Image Skincare are *paraben free*. In addition to being paraben free, all Image Skincare products…

 - Are not tested on animals 

- Contain no petrochemicals 

- Contain no chemical preservatives 

- Use fragrance composed with 100% essential oils 

- Are manufactured with respect to the environment

Naturopathica Organic Facials

Naturopathica Founder and CEO Barbara Close is a clinical esthetician, massage therapist, herbalist and lifelong practitioner of natural health. She founded this line based on some of the oldest healing traditions.  Naturopathica brings pleasure, warmth and simplicity back to caring for yourself.

Naturopathica skin care products work with the skin’s natural processes to “smooth and firm,” “hydrate and protect,” “brighten and revitalize,” and “clarify and rebalance” using proven botanical ingredients and clean cosmeceuticals to deliver results. 

These products, created to nurture skin and body health, are tested and proven at Naturopatica's healing arts centers and are the professional’s choice in over 350 destination and resort spas throughout North America, including Skintuition.

The formulas in Naturopathica products, using botanical extracts, probiotics and seed oils, were developed to nourish the skin and fight inflammation. They use proven botanicals and clean cosmeceuticals to strengthen and repair the skin and body. At Naturopathica, every ingredients counts – you will never see base materials, fillers or additives that compromise skin health.

Many Naturopathica products and ingredients are audited and certified by Ecocert, the most recognized and oldest independent natural and organic cosmetic certification body in the world. Adding the Ecocert seal to a Naturopathica product ensures that it has gone through a rigorous review process, from ingredient sourcing and formulation to manufacturing and packaging.


To achieve certification, our products must pass the following criteria:

Ingredient Approval. Ecocert considers the safety, sourcing, processing or manufacturing of each ingredient and any preservatives used to preserve the raw material. All ingredients must be derived from renewable resources and manufactured with environmentally friendly processes.

Formula Approval. Ecocert re-confirms that all ingredients are approved, checks the process through which the formulation was manufactured, and determines if the required amount of natural and organic ingredients were used in the formulation. For organic certification, a minimum of 50% of natural ingredients must be certified organic.

Label Approval. Ecocert signs off on all labels before printing to ensure that all ingredients are listed and that the Ecocert statements are in accordance to their standards.

Manufacturing & Packaging Approval. All packaging must be submitted to Ecocert to ensure environmental compliance. In addition, the manufacturing facility must have an environmental plan in place that includes recycling, waste management, energy efficiency and transport management. Inspection occurs once a year with surprise visits possible at any time.

All Naturopathica products are allergy tested to ensure that they are free of any ingredients that could harm sensitive skin. They DO NOT practice Animal Testing. All Naturopathica products are Made in the USA!! The natural ingredients used in Naturopathica's products are sustainably and responsibly sourced through organizations that support local farmers and agriculture around the world. Our custom glass bottles are recyclable, our tubes are made from 70% post-consumer recycled plastic and our cartons come from 100% post-consumer waste recycled fibers.

*In order to book any FACIAL appointment with us, we require a valid credit card on file. We will only authorize your card at the time of booking and will not charge your card at the time. If you need to cancel or reschedule your Facial appointment, we require a notice by 7PM the business day before your appointment. If you cancel your appointment without enough notice, you will be charged 50% of the service fee. If you no-show for your Facial appointment, you will be charged the full amount of the service. The reason behind this policy is because these appointments are very long and if you cancel without enough notice, it leaves a large break in our day that we could have used to accommodate another client. We appreciate your understanding with this policy.