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We are Michigan’s best place to get Waxing, Airbrush Tanning, Laser Hair Removal, Eyelash Extensions, and Skin Care Treatments!

In spring 2014, we moved to our current location and rebranded. We are now called Skintuition, and we feel it is a much better representation of all of the different services that we offer. We believe that it requires a certain amount of intuition to help determine the best treatments for our clients. That is why the name Skintuition is so fitting!

At Skintuition, we are committed to making your time with us extraordinary. Having satisfied clients is what continues to drive us every single day. We love what we do, and we hope that is shows!

Visit us at Skintuition and see for yourself what we can offer you. Our team of talented estheticians is always available to address all of your waxing, laser hair removal, airbrush tanning, and skin care needs. We cannot wait to meet you!


Lauren Hatley

My name is Lauren Hatley, owner of Skintuition. I have been a licensed esthetician since 2001. Over the years, I have accumulated extensive experience in Laser Hair Removal, Skin Care, Waxing and Airbrush Tanning. I started my training in Laser Hair Removal in 2002, and have performed thousands of Laser Hair Removal treatments since. I am an expert in speed waxing techniques, including Brazilian Waxing. I have been doing Airbrush Tanning since it first came out in 2002. I have tried almost every Airbrush Tanning Solution out there, and have been able to perfect my technique on thousands of happy clients!

After years in the Spa industry, I decided to open up my own business in 2008. In 2014, I changed locations and opened up Skintuition. I love having the opportunity everyday to provide services to the most wonderful group of clients that I could possibly dream of!

I am a Rochester Hills Michigan girl, born and raised. I am married to my wonderful husband Phil, and mommy  to our 2 cats- Grapefruit and Basil. While I am not focusing on Skintuition, I love to travel, enjoy fine dining and wine, go to concerts, shop online, decorate my house, and spend time with my family and friends.

Want to chat? Do you have some feedback or questions? Feel free to email me at…



Sarah Crossley

My name is Sarah Crossley and I am a licensed esthetician. I have an utmost passion for what I do. From a very young age I have always been fascinated with fashion and the beauty industry and how it can change peoples lives. Making people feel beautiful and amazing is the most rewarding job there is. I feel that through esthetics it is possible to feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside and it is my ultimate goal to make my clients walk out feeling gorgeous.
I started Airbrush Tanning in 2009 and consider it to be one of my specialties. I am NTTI (Nation Tanning Training Institute) Certified and Smart Tan Certified and am very knowledgeable in sunless tanning. I have experience with several different sunless brands and am able to really customize the Airbrush Tanning experience to meet any client’s needs. All skin tones and types can achieve a perfect sun kissed glow and I love to help make that happen!Along with Airbrush Tanning, I also have gained knowledge in waxing and skincare. I started working for Lauren Hatley in 2012 where I began an apprenticeship for my Esthetician License, which I completed in 2014. Through my apprenticeship I have learned the true Skintuition technique. I am always on the hunt for the newest techniques and products and because of this am always looking to continue with my education. It is very important to me in the industry to stay current. I love what I do and strive to be my best so I can provide my clients with an amazing experience and amazing results.
When I’m not at Skintuition I enjoy staying active, shopping, and browsing the Internet. I have a black lab/pitbull mix named Roxy that I love to take on car rides and Starbucks runs with me (drive thru of course). I am obsessed with YouTube and follow all the beauty gurus and even when I am not working I find myself researching makeup and skincare. I also love to blog! Take a look at, my blog , to read about all the beauty things that i am currently obsessing over.

Maureen Safian RN, BSN, MEP-C

Maureen Safian RN, BSN, MEP-C is a highly respected cosmetic nurse specialist who has worked with reputable plastic surgeons as the primary injector for their practices since 2003. She is a member of the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists (SPSSCS), and American Academy of Medical Esthetic Professionals (AAMEP) as well as Association of Medical Esthetic Nurses (AMEN). In 2008, she became one of only 100 practitioners in the U.S. to obtain certication in the medical aesthetic field as a Medical Esthetic Professional-Certified (MEP-C).

Kate Kane

My name is Kate Kane and I’ve been a licensed esthetician for over 8 years. During this time I’ve had a few different jobs within the field of esthetics with the goal of strengthening my craft and finding my niche. I’ve done everything from teaching esthetics to cosmetology students to working as the head medical aesthetician at a cosmetic surgery practice. I enjoyed aspects of all of them, but the best part was the opportunity it provided me to discover what I truly loved about this field and what I felt I was best at.

Skincare is my true calling. I believe taking care of yourself, specifically your skin is a priority in life that not everyone takes the time for. Having a skin treatment is not just about having products put on your face that smell good, although its certainty a part of it, there’s so much more involved. My goal for each client at each of their skin treatments is that they leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with a clear mind and a balanced body, plus beautiful skin!

Entering a skin session with me means that your skincare goals will be heard with great care and concern and you will receive the support and guidance to achieve those goals. If you are looking to change your skin there is no doubt I can get you there. A skin treatment about once per month and some proper home care is just about all it takes to have a radiant healthy complexion where makeup is optional!

I also specialize in eyelash extensions and facial waxing.

I am a certified Borboleta Beauty Lash Artist. Borboleta is known for their top-notch training and their soft, fluffy lashes! I LOVE the instant beauty and huge confidence boost clients get with their lashes. Want to see the happiest girl in the world? Give her lash extensions!

My waxing method is gentle and pain free, always making sure to treat the skin properly before and after to avoid breakouts and redness that can commonly occur after facial waxing. I love shaping brows and giving clients their best brow experience to date! 

Amy Palomar

My name is Amy Palomar and I discovered my passion for waxing while in school. After receiving my Esthetician’s License I focused my talents on eyebrows and full body waxing. I continue to educate myself on the latest in techniques and products.

I also enjoy being up to date on the latest Skin Care and Makeup trends.

I can be found at a number of places in the Metro Detroit area supporting and / or participating in the arts. In a previous life I was a night-life photographer covering some of the most important concerts and events of the time. Now I mostly photograph my two cats Ozzie and Meep.

Having grown up in Royal Oak I am proud to call the mitten home and I am excited to assist you in any way I can.

Pam Kalsi

My name is Pam Kalsi and I am a licensed esthetician. I grew up in Canada and have been living in Michigan for the last 11 years. It is now home for my husband, my 2 daughters and myself. I am passionate just about all things in the esthetics field, especially eyebrow microblading and eyelash extensions. I love the attention to detail and precision it takes to apply a beautiful set of eyelash extensions. I feel thankful that I get to do what I love everyday. It is the best feeling when you see a smile on a clients face when they leave. In my free time I like to spend time with my family friends, cook, watch tv and travel. 

Jordan Poma

My name is Jordan Poma as a licensed esthetician since 2012, I have found my calling in waxing and facials. Since getting my license I have worked as an esthetician and I have also taught Esthiology. I am an expert at speed waxing and my favorite things to wax are brows and underarms. I keep myself updated on all the current trends within the industry. My goal is to have you leave Skintutition relaxed, revitalized and confident.
I have lived in Rochester Hills for my entire life. I try to stay active as much as I can, but I do love eating pizza. Recently I have gotten back into adult tap and jazz classes and am trying to dance again. I am also in massage therapy school, so I love giving massages.

My typical Friday night includes wine, Chinese food and reruns of the O.C.

Marisa Gayeski

My name is Marisa Gayeski and I’m a licensed Esthetician.
Growing up, I was always hard on myself with my skin. I thought having a pimple on my face was the end of the world.
I could’ve sat in front of a mirror all day and see all I wanted to change.
One day I finally realized that I was, and am BEAUTIFUL. So are YOU!
I always wanted to be the person to help someone else on the journey to healthy skin to make them feel their absolute best. Becoming an Esthetician has brought me so many opportunities, friends, and a career I can say I will be happy doing for the rest of my life. This field is so rewarding. I love being able to go to work to meet people from different areas, backgrounds and personalities. Not one day is the same and thats what I love.
There are so many choices to choose from in this field and it is constantly evolving.
I was born and raised here in Macomb, Michigan with my family. My parents are still happily married and I have two younger brothers (Nick & Anthony), two dogs (Bruno & Bella) and a loving boyfriend named Mike.
On my time off I love to drink wine, cook, binge watch TV-Shows I have no time for, vacations, get togethers with friends, concerts, time spent with my boyfriend & family, and eating lots and lots of ice cream.